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Did you know that you can publish a local landscape book and have the first 10 copies in your hand for the grand total of $100? This outlines the author's approach to creating a local landscape book that has been bringing in more than $100k in new business every year!

  • How to commission a professional book cover for $20.
  • How to publish your book for free.
  • How to get your book on Amazon and in local bookstores.
  • Tips for writing a successful book.
  • Ten ways this book can make you money.
  • How to give Realtors, Artchitects and builders a copy of your book without costing you any money!

$65.00  Member price: $48.00
Have you ever been driven crazy by a difficult client? Have you ever lost money because a client set you up to fail? This course will show you how to be much more successful when your next difficult client arrives. They will come the only question is whether you will be ready?

  • How to spot a difficult client in the first few hours.
  • How to charge your difficult clients more money.
  • How to protect yourself from lawyers.
  • How to protect yourself from being blamed for client incompetence.

$35.00  Member price: $26.00
Are you in a funk? A funk can be the most expensive thing imaginable for your business, costing you thousands of dollars in growth, revenues and damaged reputation. It's natural for most small-business owner's to go through periods in which they would rather be anywhere but running a small business. That's when this course could save you a lot of money.... and time!

  • How to recognize if you are in a funk.
  • How to get yourself out of a funk when you are in one.
  • How to use what you learn in a funk to make changes that lead to a significantly better future than the one you were aiming for.  In short, how can you win even more as a result of a funk?

$29.00  Member price: $21.00
The internet is the biggest wild-card in your business success. Your relationship with online technology and trends can make or destroy your business. In this course you will learn how to:
  • Create free and flexible time.
  • Save money buying low-cost materials online.
  • Create new clients with online reviews.  
  • Save money and TIME with virtual assistants.
  • Save money with virtual bookkeeping
  • Generate tens of thousands in new business with low-cost Google Optimized Websites (SEO).
  • How to hire and work with a virtual assistant!

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Knowing how to create as much profitable work as you want is SUCH a relief for any business-owner. There are hundreds of ways to go about it and some work much better than others. In this book you will learn:

  • New LOW-COST ways of generating work that less than 1% of all landscapers know about.
  • How to be paid to promote your business.
  • What the author does in his landscape business and why - after testing more than 100 forms of promotion.

If you don't use this book to generate an extra $10 K or more in the next year please ask for a refund!

$85.00 Member price: $63.00
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Writing this local landscape book brings the author more than $100,000. in well-matched contracts each year! 

Learn tips for uncommon aspects of landscaping, such as landscaping to enhance septic systems, integrating landscaping with new-home-construction and more. Since it is a proven prototype of a local book that has brought in more than $350k in work in three years use it as a guide for your own local landscape book.

Not a writer? No problem! We can license you the right to use our text and help you edit and refine it to have your own version of this book in 30-90 days!

Kindle $9.99
Paperback $20.96
Lower your biggest single expense! A small reduction in taxes can easily amount to hundreds of thousands in retirement savings - or play money. In this course you will learn:

  • How to cut your bookkeeping costs 40-90% and save time!
  • How to insure your business against $5,000. in IRS bills in the event your business is audited and found owing.
  • How to prepare for and successfully navigate an audit.
  • How to deduct up to 75% of your home rent/lease.
  • How to deduct 85% of many hobbies as taxable income.

$48.00 Member price: $36.00
Watch a video showing ways a local landscape book can help your relationships with clients, speed up the design process and increase sales. 

Not a writer? No problem! We can license you the right to use our text, images file and help you edit and refine it to have your own version of this book in 30-90 days!

Paperback: $39.95 

Note: Printing costs are 3 times higher for a full-color book than a black and white text book. If funds are an issue consider starting with a black and white book.

$96.00 Audio program 
(includes PDF book).
7 Things You Don't Know That Can Make Or Break Your Landscape Business

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