Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  These books are short. Why?

A:  Time is the most precious resource of any business owner. Although I have read more than 250 books on business, sales, brand-development and tax law, I usually only find that 20% of any book relates directly to my business as a landscaper. Part of the value I want to bring to you is deleting the other 80%. I also save you time in another way: Of the 20% of any book that may be relevant, some ideas have benefited my business more than others. I leave in only the ideas that have helped me the most.

Q:  Is there overlap within some of the books?

A:  Yes. Many of the ideas I use in my success and business are chosen because of their ability to benefit multiple goals simultaneously. They are analogous to flour in baking. If you gave out a recipe for chocolate cake you would find flour and sugar. If you gave out another recipe for lemon cake you would also find flour and sugar. Some ideas are like flour and sugar: they are extremely good for accomplishing multiple things so they show up multiple times.

Q:  These courses cost more per page than many other books. Why?

A:  Three reasons:

  • I’ve read, listened to and studied hundreds of books, programs and courses. It would only take me ten minutes to give you a list of many of them, which I actually do for free in the build skills and resources section. However, I typically only use 1-5 ideas per book/course etc. And they have cost thousands of dollars. The value of these courses is that they save you time sorting through all that. They contain the nuggets that I have found most useful. As such they are more helpful to you as a landscaper and will save you time and money over reading all the books and taking all the courses I have.

  • Writing a specialty book for a specialized audience means it will never be a bestseller. I have to think in terms of selling hundreds of copies, not hundreds of thousands of copies. But it takes just as much time to write.

  • Contacting landscapers is a time-consuming and expensive process that has to be factored into a course. It’s why if you want to become a mentor, study all the course material and help other landscapers join the site and discover the material I’m happy to be equal partners with you. If you are interested in being a mentor and partner, study all the course material, integrate what works for you into your own business and let us know. I’d like to be partners in a 50/50 split. It doesn’t get fairer than that.

Q:  Why should I listen to you? You are a small company and I've been doing what I do for more than 20 years and know this stuff already.

A: I'm sure you do know some things that I don't know. I want you to share them with me and the site. I'll even pay you more per qualified idea than I charge you! That's because we all know a few things that many other landscapers don't know. The reality is that if you read all my courses and only find two out of every idea I mention useful you may still find yourself way better off. I've put in the one year guarantee on all my products because I want to give you time to test things out and see what works. I know one thing: If I could spend a few hours reading the best tips of a very profitable landscaper I'd do it in a heart-beat because I've had one idea make me more than a million dollars. And that million allows me to try out a lot of ideas that might be duds. You don't have to buy any of the courses if you are sure. But I'd feel like a schmuck if I let my competitors benefit from courses by other great landscapers and gain a competitive edge just to save $80. and a few hours to find out for myself.

Q:  My company is different from yours. Is the information still relevant?

A:  Some will be and some won’t be. While it’s a thousand times easier to browse through the tested and successful ideas I use to find the ideas that are going to help you achieve your goals than it is to go out and read 250 business books or re-invent the wheel, success takes work, time, investment, risk and intelligence. It will always be your job to decide what will and won’t help your business and grow. This site just makes it a lot easier for you to find the ideas you are considering.

Q: Why are you helping your competitors?

A: I'm not. I advertise to every landscaper EXCEPT the landscapers within an hour's drive of where I live. I don't want to pass on all my tips to my local competition. If I've done my job filtering out e-mails you are more than an hour away from Marin County, CA.

Q: Why are you doing this business if your landscape company is already successful?

A: I travel a lot and take 6-9 months of the year off. I've never enjoyed managing but I love business and have studied it extensively. I find that I enjoy spending 1-2 hours a day doing research or consulting and this gives me a chance to share something I know fairly well and can be helpful. I've met many people in my travels who say "I wish I had your life!" I can't help them but I can help other landscapers. It seems like the most productive work I can do: Help other landscapers build I higher quality of life by sharing the approaches I've painstakingly developed over many years.

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